Commercial Landscape Design & Development

It's More Than Just Some Shrubs

Every great landscape starts with a great design process. Attractive and functional landscape elements are an essential part of the image of any commercial or industrial property.

Our team understands that design is more than just creating a plan that meets your needs. It's about creating unique aesthetics for your environment that help build your brand, please and engage your employees and visitors.

Our process begins with carefully listening to your needs and a thorough assessment of your property before developing a unique landscape plan that fits your budget.

As an Evercor subsidiary, our self-performing capabilities ensure continuity from the start of a project to completion. Our promise is to exceed your expectations.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

First Impressions Do Matter

Professional landscape maintenance makes all the difference in your property's appeal and creates a positive impression among visitors, clients, and tenants. A well-maintained property shows that not only you care about your facility but also about your business.

A landscape maintenance plan keeps your turf green, healthy, and free of weeds. Fall leaf removal keeps your property from looking neglected while reducing your liability. And in the spring, freshly installed mulch discourages weeds, retains moisture and adds instant curb appeal.

We can customize a landscape maintenance plan for your facility fulfilling your needs and staying within budget while providing a seamless transition from to season to season.

HOA Landscaping & Maintenance

Increase Your Community Appeal

A beautiful, well-maintained landscape adds economic value to your property and is key to attracting future residents. It should invite future residents to imagine themselves living and relaxing within your neighborhood.

HOAs have a difficult balancing act, to keep the property looking good while controlling cost. Our flexible billing options allow us to work with HOA boards to provide the superior service you demand while staying within your allotted budget.

A dedicated account manager will work with you to set up the required communication protocols including communicating requests, desired enhancements, and prioritizing repairs.

We strive to make maintaining your community's landscape the easiest part of your demanding job.

Residential Design & Build

It All Starts With A Vision

We turn dreams into reality and believe landscaping should be an extension of your home. Our experienced design team provides custom scenes that connect your landscape with your home.

Each project begins by carefully listening to you, understanding your vision, and studying the property before developing a plan that fits your budget.

Whether you want to revamp an existing yard or are in the process of building a new home, our designers have the tools and experience to create outstanding and creative designs that are easy to maintain.

Our knowledge of local growing conditions, soils, and irrigation requirements allows us to select trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, bulbs, and turf grasses that will thrive for years to come and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Retention Pond & Storm Water Maintenance

Is Your Retention Pond Up to Par?

When water falls on your property, it needs somewhere to go to prevent it from pooling in parking areas, backing up into buildings, or ruining your landscape. A functioning retention pond helps to prevent costly property repairs and is also a requirement for stormwater management.

Environmentally speaking, these ponds provide two key services. First, they assist with flood management and secondly, by improving water quality. It is estimated that a properly functioning retention pond can remove up to 80% of certain pollutants, chemicals and debris from the water before it enters nearby streams, and eventually, the water supply.

As required by law, maintenance and repairs of retention ponds are needed periodically to ensure your pond will continue to perform its water quality and flood control functions. Our expert team offers retention pond maintenance and repair services throughout our service area.

Sports Turf

Leveling The Playing Field

Whether a baseball diamond or a football field, sports turf landscaping and maintenance can make or break a game. A properly built and maintained playing field inspires players to give their all and makes watching the game a pleasure for spectators. In addition, well-maintained sports turf also reduces your liability.

Our integrated turf maintenance techniques ensure that each playing surface is in optimal condition. We deliver value through efficient work practices, our depth of knowledge and – most importantly – a well-organized team, dedicated to you and your needs.

We can overhaul your existing sports fields, install new playing surfaces, or maintain your field. We cover all of the bases: mowing, fertilization, top-dressing of organic materials, slit-seeding, core aeration, irrigation management, infield dragging, line striping, and more.


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